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Sunday Setlist ~ 8.7.11 ~

August 8, 2011


This week, we didn’t have a full vocal team ~ only Wayne and I led. We are planning to do this maybe twice a quarter, just for something different. It also will allow us to introduce some newer stuff that we haven’t yet gotten to teach the team.

Our setlist looked like this:

My Savior Lives {Wayne leading}


All Creatures of Our God & King {Crowder version~ Wayne leading}

Welcome & Prayer {Pastor}

Blessed be Your Name {Wayne leading} We did this one with a single chord to start off. The piano played an A chord, and Wayne started “Blessed be Your Name…” and then the piano continued single chords until the second half of the verse, drums came in lightly, piano and keyboard built up until at the chorus, it was full volume. Really fun dynamics on this one. Our church hasn’t sung this song, but it’s still very familiar to them, so they really seemed to enjoy singing it.

Then we went from an up-tempo song to a slow You Are Good. Luckily I have an amazing band-leader/arranger, who makes these kind of transitions sound like they were made for each other.

You Are Good {Gateway} ~ one of our very favorites. A little harder for congregation to sing, so we don’t do it often. But this time I wanted to do something really different with it. Look at the videos below, and you’ll get the idea.

Listen from the beginning, to about 3:22. At this point, on the word “forever”, we held it for 8 beats, then the drum kicked 4 beats, building BIG into THIS!……{start at 2:13 and listen to 4:55}

…then {and oh my goodness was that ever exciting!} to wrap it up instrumentally, Jason played that theme on piano that Rick Pino is playing on guitar at the beginning of the song.

Just amazing.

God probably isn’t as amazed as we are… I mean, He formed it. He made the notes, the sounds, the creativity. He designed the patterns, and how they fit with the lyrics. He gifted the musicians with talent & passion. And he created that intense adrenaline rush that happens to me every time we manage to play some really good music.

But even if He isn’t surprised by it like we are, I hope He is blessed by it.

My most intimate, quality time with God is during worship. For some, it’s reading the Word. And for others, it’s prayer. But for me, it’s singing to my Savior.

My favorite lines in this setlist:

The angels dance around You; the earth, it sings about You!

Unto YOU be all the glory, Lord.

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