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OhhhhhhhhhhSbux <3

August 31, 2011

Alright Starbucks, I get it. I’ve got your number.

You entice us with the trendy look and the pleasant aroma coming from within your doors. People walk in and out, and we are literally sucked in by the deliciousness. Once inside, it’s all over. The lighting is dim, inviting us to relax,  kick up our feet, and set aside the worries of the day. The atmosphere is young and hip, reminding us mid-lifers of how simple and easy life was when we were 20. The people sitting in your slick wooden chairs and cozy leather corner-seats range from teenagers to college athletes; business people in suits, to stay-at-home moms sharing stories about their Kindergarteners. The taste is far superior to the Folgers I make at home. Inside the aromatic Brown & Green, it’s another world; time stands still. All of a sudden, I’ve been there for a half hour, or more. And all I came in for, was a quick unsweetened venti iced coffee, light on the ice, room for cream, 1 Equal, half & half, not stirred.  Sneaky you, Sbux. But oh, how I enjoy falling for it everytime…

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  1. August 31, 2011 7:25 pm

    Oh Leann…..this is so true. I totally agree with you…..the 40 something crowd wishes every time they walk in that they were 20 again……life was all about you back then!! LOL Love you Friend…enjoyed the read!

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